Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Very Pugsley Mountain Mayhem

Blimey...what a weekend that was! the 10th Mountain Mayhem, Britains premier 24hr MTB race.....

I entered solo and decided to do it on the Pug. Rain had made the course sticky all week but weather was OK on the day of the race and I thought all was going to be OK.

Got sorted out in my race kit on the morning of the race, new shirt to Advertise the up coming Rassay Rumble 10 hour enduro in Scotland in September....and off the gun went at 2pm on Saturday the 23rd June. The traditional le mans running start wasn't the ordeal I thought it was and i jogged around somewhere near the back with the other solo slackers. On the bike and off up the hill.

The course was cool and traction good with my usual 15/12 psi combo. It was a bit sticky but the Pug gripped well.

I was going Ok for a few laps. Paul Howard (not riding for a change) was Pit bitching for me, Jenn Hopkins and Lorraine Staley..and was doing a great job of handing up bottles and gels. 3 laps in and I paused at the 24hr DJ's booth for a beer (cheers to Seb, the Jennys and the Diproses!). Was happy and riding a steady pace and making most of the climbs. Then despite the Assos MAL I started getting sore down below. Think it was due to how hot it was, sweating off the cream...and also the water splash grit. But after about 6 laps it was pretty awful. Had a change of kit and lubed up with Savlon. This was ok for another couple of laps but then just couldn't sit on my saddle anymore. Decided to stop, cream up and rst it for a while...but got cold in the solo tent and retired....POO!! I am no good at this self motivation stuff!! And my ARSE was killing me!..... a biot of sleep then got up in the am. It had pissed down all night and the course was horrendous mud. I decided I'd go out and try and do 2 more laps to make it up to double figures...but only had time for 1....the course was that bad. Even with Pug grip I was all over the place..front wheel sliding on the slick mud...dropped down to 6 psi but it was no good. Everyone was having the same problem......apart from the guys on 1.5 psudo cyclocross tyres.......

BUT...ace weekend...good drink..good mates...nice riding...and LOTS of photos on the PUG :o)

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Vik said...

Are you still riding the Pugsley?