Wednesday, 16 May 2007

North Downs

Well....took her to the North Downs on Sunday. It chucked it down all morning so this gave me a chance to try out the Endomorphs in the wet.

I was sticking with my 15 psi and the bike rode well on the wet sandy trails. Had a couple or rear wheel spins when climbing a steep wet fire road, but nothing a letting a couple of psi out of the rear end didn't sort.

Did the usual loops over near Peaslake and BKB, and it coped with the conditions and the tight and twisty very well. I think I'm getting use to her handling. The crowd of people at the Peaslake store were aparently eyeing the bike up as we rode past (I didn't notice..too busy chatting) according to my riding buddy Lisa. got chatting to a group of young lads at the bottom on BKB, they were loving the trails and asked about the bike....I think I might have sold another one for you Surly!!!

I love this bike...;0)

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